We all know that giving or receiving something handmade is far more special than something shop-bought, and the look of amazement and happiness on the faces of friends and family I've made blankets for has been absolutely priceless.

Things you will LOVE about crochet:
  • You can make anything from bags and hats to blankets, clothes and little toys
  • You don't need a lot of expensive equipment to start
  • You only have to learn a few main stitches
  • It's really portable - you just pick up your hook and some wool and go
  • It's MUCH easier to learn than knitting and far easier to fix mistakes
  • It's a something you can pass on to the next generation
  • It grows really fast so you see results very quickly
  • It's incredibly therapeutic
  • You feel an amazing sense of achievement 

Learn HOW to crochet

Crochet lessons cover all the main stitches, how to change colour, how to cast off and how different yarns and hook sizes yield different results. I also give you a printed summary of all the stitches as well as a 4mm hook and some wool so you can continue when you get home. Take a look at my photo gallery and see the kinds of things you can make.

Lessons cost £20 per hour and most people usually take around three hours to pick it up. I can either come to your home, you can come to mine or I can teach you in a quiet local cafe. Group sessions are £15 each (minimum of 3 people) and sometimes take a little longer due to numbers.

I personally taught myself how to crochet with a book and YouTube but it is far easier when someone actually shows you what goes where and how to hold the yarn and hook. So if you would like to learn how to make a gorgeous soft blanket or something equally lovely for your friends and family then drop me a line and I'll be delighted to show you how.